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Adhesive & Abrasive Products destined for wholesalers & distributors around the world.
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American Standard Quality Products

Open to all countries but with prices geared specifically to Developing Countries, where purchasing power is not as strong. It's a win-win relationship! We especially want to service markets such as those of North Africa, Central & South Africa, the Middle East and South America. After many years of experience in the Adhesive business, BMT is bringing an end to a "one product fits all applications" mentality. We found the efficient & economical means to offer the PROFESSIONAL end user the right tool for the right application, at a very affordable price. At BMT, we stand true to Mr. Churchill's famous saying of: "Give them the right tools and they shall do the job".

With the risk of sounding cliché, at BMT we really mean it when we say that if you're looking for the right quality at a very affordable price, look no further than BLUE MAN TOOLZ.

In addition to our famous line of Adhesive & Abrasive products, we can absolutely produce any of our products exactly according to our customer's specifications, personalized logos & packaging requirements.

High Performance Under High Temperature